Welcome to Gracing George! My name is Angie and I am the person behind the brand. I create and make all the items you will find on this website.

I am a mum to two beautiful children, and a wife to a super supportive husband. I come from a background in Education but I love to create! Someone special planted a seed in my head and gave me some tools to start making, and so Gracing George began.

All the products you see are handmade in my home by just me. I love working with rope and leather. But due to the nature of the rope, no product can be exactly the same. And that’s what makes your purchase so special and unique. The rope is usually cotton sash cord, which makes it super strong too.

Product Care

Your rope vessel has been sprayed with scotch guard, which protects the vessel from stains and water. If you are placing a plant inside the vessel, I do recommend removing the plant to water and placing a drip tray under it when placing it back in the vessel.

To Order

The items here are my most popular and my main products. Every product is custom made for you. I also love to come up with some new designs and would be very happy to design/create something that suits you.

To order any of the products or for pricing please contact me via angie@gracinggeorge.com.au or via the contact tab.